Working with Copper Wire

By | 1st November 2018

Today has been a changeover day at The Jewellery Vault with November having arrived and our new Campaign For Colour now underway.

The Brown display table has been refreshed and I am hoping that lots of you will enjoy buying and wearing the colour Brown over the coming weeks after taking advantage of our lovely 20{18a81b82d4a5f439c2816e57e96fae1bd46aeff03940bed2e9bea24797fd4a08} discount.

I did have a little bit of time to start working with my copper wire which I haven’t done in a while, and made a couple of bangles in the Celtic style in different sizes.

I am a big fan of copper jewellery and enjoy wire work although I am a bit of a novice when it comes to the more intricate designs.  Something for me to work on over the next few months I think, but for now, these simple bangle styles will be readily available in store.

To keep your copper jewellery bright and shiny, try a touch good old fashioned brasso and a soft cloth for polishing.  Do this weekly and your copper will glow beautifully and look as good as new.

If you like the rose gold look but not the price tag then copper is a great alternative, so give it a try so long as you are prepared to regularly spend a few minutes with a tin of Brasso, worthwhile I think…..

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