Vegas Vaults Event – Scarborough Market Vaults

By | 23rd August 2019

We are drawing to the end of the summer and it’s time for a little celebration here in the Scarborough Market Vaults. Yes it’s Vegas Vaults time, and what a great day we had on the first day of our 2 day event.

I have been working very hard over the past few weeks in preparation for our little Vegas themed extravaganza, and I must say that the enthusiasm of the other Vaults traders has been encouraging with regard to our future event plans.

Day one went really well and we all got into the swing and party spirit very quickly.  Feedback from our customers has been good and I’m sure this will spur us on to get involved in more regular Market Vaults events.

My neighbours at Wise and Wonderful are also celebrating their 1st Birthday in the Vaults this weekend and as you can see from the picture, we dressed in our gladrags and feather boas to add to the Vegas Casino atmosphere.

So here’s looking forward to day 2 of our event with more fun, games, cupcakes, candy cones and of course our competition “The Casino Trail”.

It’s set to be a busy old day and hopefully a day filled with fun and games, music and laughter. Hope to see you there.

Watch out for our Halloween celebrations during October.

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