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One of the things that I like to do regularly as part of my jewellery making routine is to recreate new designs from donations of unworn items in need a bit of TLC.

This is why I run my up-cycling jewellery scheme which also helps to support my chosen charity Children In Need.  I often get unwanted jewellery donated which immediately catches my eye and begs to be dealt with straight away. Today was no exception when a lovely circular resin pendant was handed to me.

The colours and pattern immediately made me want to start work on it straight away so after a little bit of repairing to the edge, a good clean and adding a chunky 26” silver plated chain, the lovely new pendant that you see in the photo emerged.

Making something new from something old is very satisfying work, so for as long as the donations keep on arriving I will continue with my up-cycling project.

That reminds me, the charity box is almost full, so it time to add up the pennies and check out how many pounds have been raised this year.

Thank you to all who have donated their unworn jewellery. I am very grateful for your support.

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