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By | 21st November 2018


Coming up for the month of December we have one of the more striking colours for a birthstone in the form of Turquoise.

This is a gorgeously vibrant coloured gemstone, looking at its best I think when roughly cut and showing lots of the darker veins.

A great colour for wearing At this time of year as it adds that touch of brightness to the darker shades that we are tempted to wear during the winter months.

So if you are lucky enough to have a December birthday then wear your birthstone with pride as it is meant to have protective qualities and aid in the feeling of serenity.

Here at The Jewellery Vault in The Scarborough Market Vaults, we have a pretty selection of handmade Turquoise jewellery now in stock, so whether you love the stone itself, or simply appreciate the bold colour in your jewellery designs, pop by and take a look.


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