The Undated 20p UK Coin

Every coin collector knows that it is worthwhile to pay close attention to the smaller details of your coins – an eagle eye collector would spot an error immediately. However, it’s also important to know when you have a coin that has a genuine rarity.

There are a quite few stories about this coin, so today Scarborough Collectables would like to help dispel some of the myths about the famous undated 20p.

The undated 20p

This coin is regarded by many collectors as the Holy Grail of change collecting. In 2008, the undated 20p caused a huge sensation and encouraged the UK to carefully check their coins. To this day, many collectors are doing this every day ‘just in case’.

The 2008 Undated 20p Story

In 2008, the reverse of each denomination from 1p to £1 was redesigned by Matthew Dent and The Royal Mint and produced a new die with the date on the obverse. 

When the new Royal Shield 20p coins were struck for circulation, the old die was accidentally was used. The Royal Mint confirmed that a batch of no more than 250,000 was issued with no date on either side of the coin.

The collector, however,needs to be very wary, as unfortunately there are now quite a few fakes of these coins circulating.

This coin currently stands at the value of £120, available from Scarborough Collectables


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