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By | 26th April 2019

Hello today from Mags. My Jewellers store and workshop is based in the underground warren of unique little shops that is known as The Scarborough Market Vaults. 

Walking through one of the entrances to our underground world is a little bit like opening Pandoras Box with its wonderful treasures trapped inside.

When you have adjusted your eyes from the bright light of day to our more subtle tones (it’s a bit like wandering down into Mother Shiptons Cave!), you will be mesmerised by the fabulous array of wonderful things that are on offer for your shopping pleasure.

Indeed visiting The Jewellery Vault has its advantages as you can also pop into all of the other lovely shops here along the way!

When you do arrive and walk in through my door you will be met with a warm welcome as I am a friendly character (or so I have been told ?)

You will also be met by lots of colour and brighter light. My pretty little shop is full of beautiful handmade costume jewellery in many different shades and designs.

Each part of the shop has its own colour display area, so whether it’s Blues, Yellows, Reds, Browns, Silver, Gold, Pink or even jet Black that is your preference, then you will enjoy browsing through our colour co ordinated sections.

If you have a love of crystals and gemstones then I also have a selection of jewellery made from semi precious stones for example Turquoise (the December birthstone) or Aquamarine (the March birthstone.

If I don’t have a gemstone to suit you then I have a friendly bond with my next door neighbours Wise And Wonderful.  Their little shop is absolutely full of them!

So that is a little bit of an insight into what you will find when you pop by to visit me in The Scarborough Market Vaults.

Hope to see you soon……




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The Jewellery Vault

Dangly EarringsDangly Earrings

Earrings of a dangly design are our most popular seller.  When you visit The Jewellery Vault you will see that we have a lots of different styles in stock. They may be beaded, pearly, sparkly, Rose Gold, charmed, feathery, gemstone, the list goes on…. Anything goes with a drop design.!

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