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By | 12th February 2019

Something that is not always popular in my experience of  designing costume jewellery is the golden look. So what do you think? 

I have created lots of handmade costume jewellery in my years as a designer and can honestly say that my least popular seller is the golden look.

Rose Gold has had a recent run in the popularity stakes and is something that still sells particularly well, but the yellow gold designs don’t seem to attract the same attention.  Why is this I wonder?

As a colour, gold is associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, magic and wisdom. Lots of reasons to enjoy wearing this rich, warm colour.

Spiritually, gold is the colour of success, wealth and status, inspires knowledge and a deep understanding of the self and the soul.

Now if that’s not enough of a reason to wear something gold in colour then I don’t know what is.  So, next time you are thinking of buying yet another pair of silver earrings, think again, and maybe try a golden pair instead.

Go on, have a Golden Day..

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2 thoughts on “The Gold Look – Handmade – Jewellery

  1. Jacky

    I have quite a few gold earrings, but they are costume jewellery, I wouldn’t buy real gold, not sure why?” Too flash? “

    1. Margaret Post author

      Hi Jacky. Is good to hear that you enjoy wearing your gold costume jewellery. I enjoy the look of gold plate too but worry about the expense of real gold. It is too easy to lose a very expensive earring! Stick with your costume jewellery if you ask me.. ?


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