Seaside Pleasures

The inspiration for this series of 6 mixed media paintings is Scarborough, the old seaside resort on the Yorkshire coast.

I first came to Scarborough as a teenager some 30 years ago. We stayed here several times for a week or a fortnight, exploring the Yorkshire coast and the North York Moors.
When the parents took us (my sister and me) out in the evenings, we used to stroll down Eastborough to access the seafront with its many many arcades and souvenir shops.

The quirky mix of small shops selling vintage items and clothing, fish & chips sellers and fortune tellers in that part of the old town used to fascinate us young Luxembourgish girls quite a lot.

Although the ‘Gypsie Lees’ and cousins are no longer trading from Eastborough, there still is an interesting mix of shops and cafés. The seafront hasn’t changed much, still busy and buzzing. The best icecream bar is still selling its fantastic ice cream opposite the harbour, the arcades still offer the same old two penny pleasures and more and the harbour is, although much less busy, still in use as both a working harbour and a marina.

I tried to capture some of my favourite Scarborian spots in my six paintings, starting from the Spa bridge, hopping uptown to the iconic Odeon building which is now a popular theatre/cinema and ending at that previously mentioned world best icecream bar.



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