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By | 18th February 2019

School’s Out for February half term.  Well not quite for Scarborough kids, but for some regions, the holidays have already begun.

Over the next couple of weeks we will have our darling children and grandchildren off school and looking for something to keep them occupied.

Well the good news is that the weather is going to be unusually mild for the time of year and living in a seaside town, this means that we will probably have plenty of visitors here on the Yorkshire Coast.

As a child I remember spending lots of time playing out on the streets where I lived with my friends, making our own entertainment. Who remembers chalking a hopscotch on the pavement or playing elastics?  Obviously this was before computers, iPads and mobile phones (or even colour TV’s!!).

Mini transistor radios and cassette players were extremely modern gadgets in those days.

Now I am showing my age! Those happy carefree times are long gone and letting our kids play out on the streets all day until it becomes dark is definitely a thing of the past. A shame, but that’s the unfortunate world that we now live in.

Anyway, spending time out and about with the family over the half term holidays is a great thing to do even in the wintertime, so get out there and have some energetic fun.

Always lots to do at the seaside in the holidays, long walks along the seashore are a must.  Beach time is always a favourite with the kids no matter what time of year it is.

I will be busy at The Jewellery Vault in Scarborough Market Vaults and the Market Hall itself will be holding some great activities for the family no doubt, so why not pay us a visit and check out the great little shops and what they have to offer.


Christabelle is looking forward to meeting any little girl or boy who pops in to say Hi, and she has goodies to give away!

We have a lovely selection of children’s jewellery in stock including our pretty beaded charm bracelets in various colours.

Enjoy the half term break whatever you are planning to do. Maybe we will see you down in the Vaults….



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