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Scarborough Pizza Delivery ~ Unique Taste and Quality ~ Skylars

Scarborough Today was out this evening, we decided to check in on our friends at Skylar’s and was greeted by a full team all working in the background.

After tasting a slice of pizza at £1.50 when they first opened a couple of weeks ago, I thought it was time to go full hog and order a full-size pizza.

So I treated my friend and he had an 11 inch Ham and Pineapple and I had an 11 inch Pollo Chicken and Mushroom Pizza.

I was surprised as I waited for my food order cause the main lad was spinning the dough in the air. Looked impressive and authentic. Indeed the preparation looked all totally handmade from scratch. I waited roughly 10 minutes for the food to cook and I paid £12 in total.

The food tasted fresh and very unique. I can hand on heart say that I am a huge pizza fan and have been to many different places. On this occassion, I chose Skylar’s and was not disappointed.

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