Sauvignon Blanc Cloud Factory 12% abv at The Black Friars Wine Cellar

  • Sauvignon Blanc Cloud Factory 12% abv  100% Sauvignon Blanc grapes

  • New Zealand, Marlborough Wine Region South Island

  • The Sauvignon Blanc variety originated in Bordeaux, the name roughly translates as “From the Savage/wild white” Grape.

  • World Class Wine Region

Cloud Factory Sauvignon Blanc is sourced exclusively from vineyards located in the sub regions of Waihopai, Wairau, and Awatere valleys and subsequent flood plane of the Wairau river that form the Marlborough region nomenclature.   This topography provides excellent drainage and varied growing soil ideal for producing a variety of rich flavours from the Sauvignon Blanc grape.  Despite the increasing international recognition of this region, wines from this area are still expressed through the variety of grapes with Sauvignon Blanc grapes and subsequent wine been the most prolific.  Cloud Factory Sauvignon Blanc is produced from grapes exclusively grown in this region.

Perfect Wine Growing Region

The vineyards benefit from a temperate climate that offers a long steady growing season ideal for developing the fruit due to a cool sea breezes.   The extended growing season improves logistics in wine production as there is no reason to condense gathering and pressing in to a few crucial weeks.  The gravelly soil of former river beds provide good drainage and retain heat, as well as low fertility with low yields that forces vines to concentrate there flavours in fewer bunches of grapes.

Additionally the Marlborough region also benefits from the cooperation of over 500 growers and several contract wine making facilities.   This combination allows for a high quality of wine to be produced consistently over the year, evidenced by 86% of total production being exported abroad.

Dominance in the UK and a strong presence in emerging markets in the US and the Far East are testimony to the increasing confidence of New Zealand wine makers ability to compete with more established producers.  This is evident in that the Marlborough region Sauvignon Blanc is now commanding higher average prices per litre than any where else in the world with massive foreign investment buying in to this success story.

Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough generally does not benefit from ageing.  The uniqueness of the region allow for the fruits to be gathered consistently over the long growing season with grapes maturing early in the stonier valleys whilst a later crop can be gathered from the heavier soils of the flood plains.  The differing nature of the soil and varied of terrain and proximity to the sea offer a spectrum of flavours.

Gently pressed before allowing to settle in chilled tanks, specially selected yeasts are added to facilitate cool fermentation.   Notably each parcel of wine is racked separately before blending and Cloud Factory is no exception.

Big player

Whilst wine growing in this region initially started in 1873 it was not until 1973 that the present wine varieties (Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot noir and Chardonnay) were planted.   Presently 77% of New Zealand’s wine production comes from the Marlborough region of which up to 86% is exported.  Of the 25,045 hectares of arable land in the region 23,050 hectares are set aside for wine production.

“No other region in the world can match Marlborough, the North East corner of New Zealand’s South Island, which seems to be the best place to grow Sauvignon Blanc grapes”

George M.  Taber (2005)

(judgement of Paris, New York, Scribner, 2005 p244)

The Black Friar Wine Cellar presents the Cloud Factory Sauvignon Blanc as our offering for a dry crisp fresh wine with tropical fruits and limey flavours.

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