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By | 14th January 2019

Does anyone really know what Valentines Day is all about and why we celebrate it and associate it with LOVE ? 

Valentines Day has been around for many years and is celebrated annually on 14th February. Those who are in love or who are searching for that special partner, choose this day to declare their love by buying and giving cards and romantic gifts.

So what is it all about, and why do we do this? Well I had no idea myself, so decided to investigate a little bit.

There are lots of stories out there about St Valentine and this is the tale that I choose to believe.

Well, the story goes right back to Roman Times when the Emperor of Rome was a chap called Claudius Gothicus. As we know, being Christian haters, Saint Valentine of Rome was not a popular guy with The Romans, especially when he became known as the “Saint of Courtly Love”.

Marrying Christian couples was, in the end his unfortunate downfall!

A happier story today for us when we are legally allowed to love and marry who we choose to whatever race, religion or sex they may be.

So in memory of St Valentine and his dedication to love and courtship, we will continue celebrating on 14th February by declaring our undying love for our partners.

On that note, I am beginning to design some beautiful new jewellery on a love and heart theme.

So if you are looking for that unique jewellery gift to give on Valentines Day, pop into The Jewellery Vault to take a peek, or check out our new products online over the next few weeks.






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