Psychic Readings

Why not come to the market vaults for a Psychic Reading with Christine?

Since we opened the shop Wise and Wonderful our Psychic tarot readings have proven to be very popular offering comfort, reassurance and guidance to people at the most difficult times.

Our loved ones in spirit are never far away from us and they see our daily dilemmas and struggles. it is Halloween today and the season of witches and ghouls when we all have fun dressing up and trick and treating. It’s great fun for the children and adults alike. However, our loved ones in spirit want only happiness for us and they come to us at times of distress and when we are feeling low. Which is why so many people have found themselves at the shop in the vaults asking for readings even though they didn’t plan to visit. They often comment “ I don’t know why I came to the vaults today” or “I didn’t even know you were here but for some reason I found my way here instinctively”

That’s because when your feeling lost or depressed or suffered a bereavement, your loved ones will always take you where you can find support and guidance and comfort.

So I am here for you all whenever you need me.

I wish you all a happy Halloween and I look forward to meeting you sometime soon.

Love and Light to everyone.






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