Peter Raymond-Gold ~ Lunch Entertainment ~ Scarborough Market Hall ~ Sunday 7th October

Sunday 7th October

Your chance to enjoy a wonderful Sunday lunch served by Deli Delicious (£5.99) and sit back and relax whilst being entertained by Peter Raymond-Gold. He is a regular with a few care homes in the local area of Scarborough and his singing ranges from the 1920 old-time singalong songs to the present day. A huge range of relaxing middle of the road music for a chilled Sunday afternoon.

The August Sunday events proved very popular with many returning customers. The video reviews tell you it all. Since the redevelopment of Scarborough Market Hall & Vaults the venue has since a steady rise in visitors and now we have live music and entertainment it makes for a lovely place to be.

The Sunday dinner is of high standards served piping hot to the table. Included is your choice of meats, pork, beef, or Chicken/Turkey. You get a healthy selection of vegetables including broccoli, peas and carrots with mashed and roast potatoes.

Of course, the deli now serves alcohol and should you fancy a drop of wine then this is available to drink at your table. There is a selection of beers and lagers.

All your food and drink orders are brought to your table with a friendly smile from the super staff who work there.

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