New Team Member – Meet Jemima – The Mouse

By | 12th April 2019

I have a new member joining The Jewellery Vault team.. A little creature given to me as a hand carved gift. I am pleased to introduce you to Jemima the mouse ? 

Working down in The Scarborough Market Vaults Shops is something that is quite unique and I am lucky to spend my days in such a fabulous environment with the best bunch of local traders.

In the very near future, we will be having an addition to the atmosphere below ground with the opening of a Wine Bar.

I am not allowed to give much away about this brand new venture which will be opening in early May, but just to say that the new owner of the Bar is the kind person who carved out Jemima the mouse for me.

She arrived in a bit of a raw state, but after a touch of golden colouring, a red tip to the nose, sparkly gemstones for eyes and a pretty purple beaded necklace, she was all finished and ready to join us at The Jewellery Vault.

She has taken up residence in my window display for now and is making herself very much at home in her new surroundings.

Im sure that she will enjoy living underground in the Scarborough Market Vaults, quite appropriate for a little mouse don’t you think…

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