Mixed media art ~ Scarborough Market Vaults

Local Artist in Scarborough.

The title of this mixed media artwork by the artist Martine is:

“The little girl and George are going on an adventure”.

As an artist, I like using different tools and art materials to create paintings that tell a story. I have started the painting by adding layers of paint and marks. I‘m a bit obsessed with this colour palette at the moment and with painting abstract backgrounds.

I‘ve always liked collage and for this painting, I‘ve glued bits of paper and a photo print on paper onto the wooden board. Drawing and painting animals is another of my passions. The little girl on the photo is sitting on a tree and the branch she is holding on to suddenly transformed into an elephant’s head. That’s how George, the soft toy elephant ended up on the painting.

I think the painting is sweet and whimsical. That’s what I like to create, quirky and whimsical artworks that make you think and hopefully smile.

My oracle card from that day was absolutely spot on. I’ve started using oracle cards only recently, they help me put on a positive attitude. And the deck of cards I’m using is absolutely gorgeous, it’s called ‘The universe has your back’ by Gabrielle Bernstein. I’ve bought it here in Scarborough, at the ‘Wise and Wonderful’ shop here in the Scarborough Market Vaults.

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  1. Loving this colour palette too Martine. Fab piece of artwork. You have a very individual style.

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    A Feathered Dog Designs November 11, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    Thank you very much, Mags. Much appreciated ?

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