Let’s talk November Birthstones

A new month is upon us. November has arrived and with it the colder air and shorter days. So what’s new on the Birthstone front?

Well if you are lucky enough to be born in November then you have the choice between 2 lovely stones. Citrine and Topaz both of which have qualities which match up so well.

Starting with Topaz which is associated with strength, determination and resilience. Rich orange in colour, but also found in other rich colours of blue, pink and yellow.

Greatly complimentary to Topaz is Citrine which is said to be a gift from the sun. Its name is derived from the French word for lemon, “ Citron”. Believed to be a healing stone and often referred to as “Healing Quartz”.

Citrine is a good energy stone which promotes positivity and good fortune. Known as the “Success Stone”.

The blend of both of these lovely stones is certainly something to enjoy if you are a November born baby, so wear both if you can if only for their warmth and beauty.

Happy Birthday to all of our November ladies out there.

Here at The Jewellery Vault, I often create handmade jewellery from gemstones, and if you do have a loose stone which you would like making into a piece of jewellery, then our wire wrapping service could be the ideal option for you.

Pop by the shop soon and see what we can do to design your original wire-wrapped piece of handmade jewellery.

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