Law Of Attraction

Hello again everyone I’m back to talk to you all about the Law of Attraction. I wonder how many people rush through their daily lives without realising the power of their every thought. Often we here people grumbling about how stressed they are or how they always have bad luck or nothing good happens in their lives, but what they don’t realise is that we create our own lives with every thought that we send out to the universe.

For example when someone says to themselves “

I’m always broke or I never have any luck” that’s because they are sending those negative thoughts out to the universe and the universe responds by saying oh well they seem to be expecting no luck or money, so that’s what it sends back.

However, if you turn that around by sending the message such as ‘I am so lucky’ or ‘I open my arms to the abundance of the universe’ Then the universe has to respond by sending you luck or money or whatever it is your asking for.

By using Affirmations you can change your lives as well. We often find ourselves stuck in our lives, trapped by situations or people. However, we all have free will and we can free ourselves by changing the old thought patterns and by creating the life we really want for ourselves.

Isnt that amazing to know we can recreate our lives by changing the thoughts that we send out every moment of everyday?

I was so excited when I first discovered this and I started reading Louise Hay’s books ‘You can heal your own Life” I recommend that everyone reads her books they changed my life forever. As could they change yours as well.

Perhaps in the new year I will run some more ‘Heal Your Life workshops” depending on demand. In the meantime if your feeling the need for some guidance or healing then Wise and Wonderful is where you will find both.

You can come for a Tarot Reading with Karen on Mondays or Thursdays. Or you can find me in the shop on a Wednesday or Friday  for a Psychic reading when loved ones can join us and Fiona does some massage and crystal healing on Tuesdays or Thursdays. Do come along and say hi. We also have some beautiful crystals and unusual gifts.

Whatever your needs are we will try our best to help put a smile on your face.






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