June’s Birthstone – The classic Pearl

By | 3rd June 2019

Oh my goodness, June has arrived, we are almost halfway through the year! Where has the time gone? Let me share a little bit of pearly information with you as this fabulous gem is my favourite birthstone for June.

Of course if you are lucky enough to have a June birthday, then you also have the choice of two other gemstones in the form of Alexandrite and Moonstone.

I am a massive pearl fan as an item of jewellery because of its subtle beauty and timelessly elegant look.

These organic gems grow inside the tissue of a living saltwater or freshwater mollusc such as an oyster or mussel. Due to the over fishing of pearl beds, the pearls that we see today are mainly cultured and are grown in various sizes and colours.

Pearls are associated with purity, humility and innocence which is the reason that they are traditionally given as a wedding gift. They are thought to have beneficial properties and it is said that they bestow long life and prosperity.

Caring for your pearls

Look after your pearls carefully and gently as they are a comparatively soft gem. Store them separately from your other jewellery to avoid scratching, and never store in a plastic bag as plastic can omit a chemical which may damage them! (I didn’t know this so a good piece of advice to pass on).

As with any jewellery, avoid direct spraying of hairspray and perfume as this can affect the finish. Use a soft damp cloth for cleaning, preferably after each time of wearing, and your pearls should last you a lifetime.

Just as well as these subtle and beautiful gems are a timeless and stylish must have jewellery accessory.  Wear your June Birthstone with pride and enjoy that classically pearly look.

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