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International Women’s Day is just around the corner, and is a day to celebrate the success of women in business, politics, cultural issues and any other walk of life…

What we have decided to do at The Jewellery Vault is to recognise ourselves as a success in our own skin by sharing a personal achievement that we are proud of.

I have posted this out on my Facebook page for people to leave their comments and of course you can comment here also on my website or in any other way that you choose to message me.

Everyone who does share something with us, will be entered into a prize draw on 8th March to win a special jewellery gift from The Jewellery Vault.

As women, we are not very good at “blowing our own trumpets” so to speak, but each and every one of us has something in their lives which was a challenge and which they are proud to have achieved.

So go on, tell us all about your success, whatever it may be, and maybe you will inspire someone else in the process.

My little share is passing my driving test after 2 years of lessons and tests. It was such a struggle for me but I was determined not to give up. I wasn’t letting a car get the better of me!

It is an amazing feeling to  achieve success in something that is important to us and why should we not want to tell the world and be proud of ourselves.

Lets see how many of you proud ladies have a great moment to share with us?

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