Indoor Car Boot sales in Scarborough Market Hall & Vaults

Latest news for Scarborough Markets is the exciting start of the indoor car boot sales to be held on Wednesdays.

After the success of the latest tabletops on Sundays during the summer period, it’s a no-brainer to have such a unique opportunity to sell in the comfort of a multimillion-pound venue.

The summer season has proved to be fruitful with the traders in the Hall and Vaults gelling together to create a wonderful place to come and eat and shop the many different stores and boutiques. With live entertainment during the day and special acoustic nights, the atmosphere is simply regenerating a passion for Scarborough Markets to boom with pride and success. Emanating from an energy of positivity to the general public to feel the vibe and people wanting to come in and explore.

With the added quirkiness of an indoor car boot, this is sure to be a fabulous opportunity for the locals of Scarborough to come and enjoy something new. And for those who have never ventured into the Scarborough market hall and vaults yet one will surely be in for a big surprise.

Cost of a space is £8 or a table £12.

It is speculated that this event could also be done on a Sunday but is not confirmed.

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