Hematite and it’s benefits

Recently I have been producing a few designs using hematite which looks a beautiful dark gunmetal grey colour when in its polished form.

The stone itself is said to absorb negative energy and create a feeling of calmness in times of stress or worry.  It is also a protective stone helping to keep a person grounded and helps to transform negative energies into more positive vibes.

Now I am really no expert in the healing properties of semi precious stones, but I always like to find out a little bit about the associated benefits when I am using crystals and minerals in my jewellery designs.

So whether you believe in these things or not, it is always interesting to absorb a bit of knowledge in a new area. Magnetic or non magnetic, it appears to look the same and is quite difficult to tell the difference between the natural polished stone and a synthetic imitation.

For me, the look of the Hematite is just great, and as a costume jewellery designer, that is the most important thing.  Obviously if you are searching for Hematite for its healing properties, then it’s worth double checking before you buy.

Enjoy wearing your Hematite, it’s a great look for guys and girls, simple, stylish and easy to wear every day due to its dark neutral colour.

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