Happy Customers at The Jewellery Vault. madebymags@ the jewellery vault, Scarborough Market Vaults

Good Morning on this jolly old rainy Saturday here in Scarborough.  Traditionally this is the busiest shopping day of the week but when it rains, it could go either way! 

Here’s hoping that my customers don’t choose to stay home today as it’s a bit wet outside.  It is warm and dry inside The Jewellery Vault with lots of pretty and unique handmade jewellery designs to help cheer up a dreary wet day.

You can’t beat that wonderful face to face interaction with a customer on which my business is built. Customer service and satisfaction is my priority as indeed it should be. A warm and friendly welcome always awaits each time you visit.

Pop by and say Hi if you are out and about in Scarborough today and do a bit of local shopping with us here in the Market Vaults.

A unique underground shopping experience awaits you…



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