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By | 18th July 2019

Well what a busy time I am having recently here at The Jewellery Vault in The Scarborough Market Vaults. Designing my own handmade jewellery in Scarborough becomes a challenge during the summer months as I am selling quicker than I can make!!

Not that I am complaining as it just shows how much my customers appreciate the uniqueness of a handmade jewellery item, returning time and time again to take a peek at the lovely new designs that I have on offer.

Customer feedback is really important to me and making my handmade jewellery in Yorkshire means that people here are not afraid to voice their opinions and let me know what they think.

Being an outspoken Yorkshire lass myself, I understand and appreciate every comment and thankfully, have built my reputation on my honesty and integrity.

So a big THANK YOU to all of my wonderful customers who have given great feedback on my handmade jewellery, including offers of advice and ideas to help me to create more unique designs every day.

At times it is difficult to keep up the creative momentum and listening to what my customers have to say is part of the handmade jewellery cycle.

You don’t get anything unless you ask so encouraging feedback is an obvious way to stimulate new ideas.

Keep on making your suggestions, offering advice, telling me what you like and giving your great feedback.  That way I will continue to design more lovely handmade jewellery in Scarborough for years to come.



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