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Hello. My goodness, where has the Summer gone? Autumn has crept upon us and it’s all change once again at The Jewellery Vault.

With each new season comes a change of wardrobe for most of us. Included in that changeover too is the type and colours of our costume jewellery.  Well obviously it is important that when we buy a new outfit, we also like to make sure that we have complimenting jewellery, yes?

Made By Mags is my brand and does exactly what it says on the tin so to speak.  This includes bespoke items made to suit you and your personal tastes.

Making up new designs in seasonal colours is always exciting for me.  I love the way that the look of the shop is changing right now as I create lots of lovely new jewellery and set up my fresh displays.

Only this week I was pleased to be able to make up a matching bracelet and earrings for a forthcoming wedding. My customer was delighted to have stumbled across The Jewellery Vault and to be able to have a bespoke design created at such short notice.

A very rewarding day for me all round as it was generally busy in the shop but I still managed to make something unique for that special occasion.

Customer satisfaction is what it’s all about, and each piece of handmade jewellery that I create is made with love, care and attention to detail.

Take a peek at my website if you are interested in my work. You will indeed be seeing lots more new updates online over the coming months, and before we know it, (dare I mention the word) it will be Christmas shopping time!

Halloween is next on my agenda though.  Watch this space for some spooky and Gothic styles.



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