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Halloween Season at Scarborough Market Hall & Vaults

To Be Announced... Cards & Party


Its that time of year again and down at Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults you are going to be greeted with spooky goings-on. Don’t be afraid to explore the underground in the ghostly ghoulish vaults of Scarborough. If you all keep silently still and listen you may hear footsteps of the Blackfriar creeping around the basement shops.

Be sure to visit Sarah as she is a definite go to if you’re looking for your Halloween supplies this year. Plenty of cobwebs and pumpkin tools to get you started with your fright nights and pumpkin pies.

Walk through the doors and head straight forward you’ll find a friendly smile waiting to surprise you. Let’s hope the smile doesn’t reveal Dracula teeth.

Stroll around the Vaults and you may spot a witch or two. And pass by the antique shops and you may even find a Wizard or Goblin. Have fun this Halloween and enjoy the beginnings of autumn. Remember to be careful with fireworks now being available. its the season of fun but we must all take care. If you stumble upon the coin shop you may find a little gnome will greet you.

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