Fresh White – A Summer Delight

By | 17th May 2019

It’s been a little busy in my Handmade Jewellery world recently so I have had very little time to blog! Things are gathering momentum business wise as we head into the holiday season here in Scarborough, which means I get to enjoy lots of lovely face to face customer interaction…

Not that I don’t enjoy writing these little snippets for you to read and hopefully enjoy…. I just enjoy talking much more ?

What have I been up to this past week or so then? Hmmmm…. where shall I begin? Ok let’s start with my lovely new beads, yes the white ones.

As we approach summer (although it really doesn’t feel much like it!), I frequently get asked for white jewellery, and even though I always have a bit of stock, it was time to create some brand new designs to tempt you.

These fabulous white glass oval beads arrived and I immediately fell in love with them ?. I had one of those moments when I just wanted to steal this particular necklace for myself!

But perhaps I will just order a few more and give myself a treat (perk of the job of course). This would be a lovely addition to any holiday wardrobe and would show off a tan perfectly.

As for the earrings, well the more dangly they are the better for that relaxed summer look don’t you think? The white feathers came out too and I was floating away on fluffy whiteness.

Indeed it has been a very white week so far at The Jewellery Vault down in the Scarborough Market Vaults, and I have loved every second of making my white creations for you.

This week, the shop has had a bit of a change at the front with the addition of three new exterior shelves beneath the front windows (fitted expertly by my wonderful husband).

This has enabled me to display a little bit more along the shop frontage and give my customers more to view before they actually come inside.

Of course my new white items are currently taking pride of place on one of those brand new shelves.

Check out my new stock in the products section of my website where you can view description details, prices and place an order enquiry.

Best log off now for the evening as it really is chill out time for me.

I will try not to leave it too long before my next post, you keep on reading them and I will carry on waffling!

Bye for now ?



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