Finding the Scarborough Market Hall & Vaults

It really isn’t that hard to find. From the train station head east toward the Rendezview Cafe and walk past the big Lord Roseby pub.

It’ll take roughly 7 minutes to get to the markets and now you are heading continuous along the orangey tarmac road towards a junction.

Over the road, you’ll see Heron frozen foods. Continue straight ahead and then you see a cafe on the corner and just round that corner a newsagent called St Helens. Across the road, you see the historical building.

You have two entrances one for the market hall and one for the vaults. Simply walk along the side of the building and you’ll have the option to go up or down.

The Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults have disabled access… which is located just around the corner when you pass the two front entrances. Once you have entered you will be able to view and explore £2.7m of refurbishment.

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