November is drawing to a close and it is time to make the decision about our new Campaign For Colour choice here at The Jewellery Vault down in The Scarborough Market Vaults.

Everyone is busy at this time of year concentrating on buying Christmas gifts for their loved ones, but spare a thought for those who have a December birthday.

The most well known birthstone for December is Turquoise and so it is fitting, I think,  to choose this as our December Campaign For Colour offer.

So for all those lovely people out there with a December birthday, let’s go Turquoise.  Or indeed if you just love this bold and vibrant colour, pop down to Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults and take a peek at what is on offer.

Yes indeed it’s launch time for our new offer of 20{18a81b82d4a5f439c2816e57e96fae1bd46aeff03940bed2e9bea24797fd4a08} discount throughout December when you make a Turquoise handmade jewellery purchase from The Jewellery Vault.

Looking forward to seeing you down there, or drop me a message if you spot something online that you wish to buy, and you will get your 20{18a81b82d4a5f439c2816e57e96fae1bd46aeff03940bed2e9bea24797fd4a08} discount too.

Go on, pop by to say Hi and bag yourself a beautiful Turquoise bargain..


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