Creativity is messy – Jewellery Workshop

A crafty person is usually untidy in their work don’t you think?

Well as you can see from my picture taken earlier this week, I am no exception!

Having my own workshop space actually on site at The Jewellery Vault means that I should make an effort to keep things tidy.

Being a designer/maker means that I often get lots of materials out to try out different things when creating something new.  Unfortunately, I often don’t tidy away before I move onto something else, hence the chaos in the picture.

Well earlier this week I actually had a good sort out and tidy up!  My workspace is now organised and I must admit, I feel better for it.

My mind however is another story. Lots of wonderful new ideas buzzing around in there, which explains all of the ordering I have been doing of late.  Lots of lovely new bits and bobs have been dropping onto my doormat through the post this week, so it’s onwards with the designing and making.

Keep your eyes peeled for new products being added to my website daily.



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