Unlimited ways to promote business on Scarborough Today’s SEO learning hub

With endless blogging opportunities, forum discussion groups & events. Scarborough Today gives you the tools to promote and elevate your business. Combined with this project and your commitment to creating a hub in Scarborough for local business it is our aim to help you stand out from the crowds.

Scarborough has many unique shops and since the refurbishment of the markets, a dedicated community has committed to the success of the market and surrounding businesses in the old town of Scarborough.

Clients have achieved search engine results with many exposed in the top five on search results. With guidance from our team, you will be the next one to achieve a fantastic presence in the search engines.


We offer a variety of services to our clients including Learning how to navigate the Scarborough Today platform

We will assist all new members through requested tutorials and one on one consultations, giving clients the confidence to use the site effortlessly after just 60 minutes of tutoring. All services are free to all member and exclusive extra training to all “Scarborough Market Traders Association” Members.


Being faced with a blank canvass is frightening to everyone. Learn how to get started with simple advice from the team. Learn to understand what the differences are between your profile, business listings and groups. Should you post in your profile activity? Your group activity? or write an editorial piece of writing with 100% pass rates for publication. Join the HELP group


Learn the correct way to post an article. Get help with writing skills and how to present your business in a professional manner. We will evaluate your post and give advice on what you can do to improve on your article before it goes live, preventing the need to worry if it is presented correctly. All blog post will be proofread on your behalf and we will correct posts and liaise with you to achieve the “SEO green light” for publication.

Optimise all aspects of your online business and visibility!

We have existing clients on Scarborough Today who can testify to the results they have achieved.

85% of clients will now search with smart phones. With the advent of Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Clients will now acquire spoken advice by instant virtual voices about local businesses near them with Geo-location technology.

To be in these lists you will need to create an online presence. Do not rely on main stream social media alone. Google’s search algorithmc technologies crawl fresh and unique content. Google knows when your content is unique or scraped from existing content online.

Relying on a busy marketplace with streams of footfall are a thing of the past. Potential customers are looking for instant results online.

No Content online will have a negative impact on your success.

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