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By | 4th December 2018

It’s been such a busy time over recent weeks with my new website now nicely taking shape. 

I hope that you like the final overall look, and although there may be a little bit of “tweaking” still to come as we move forward, the basics are definitely set in place.

With the online chat option, questions and answers facility, reviews, product section and blog, it gives my customers a fab opportunity to interact with my business as well as buying from my shop.

In addition to all that, my new logo has been created with of course the usual purple trademark Jewellery Vault colouring alongside the creative working hands.  Our new envelope style packaging has been an immediate success, ideal for wrapping that small jewellery gift, and offered  free with your purchase (great for earrings).

This week for me, is traditionally when the guys are doing their shopping buying Christmas gifts for their ladies, and we are off to a flying start with plenty of puzzled looking fellas browsing and seeking advice today.  Fortunately I had something for everyone and also arranged to design a bespoke children’s jewellery gift set in a deep red colour.

So it has been a busy day with a variety of customer requests which keep me on my toes. In addition, we have late night openings happening on Thursdays in The Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults over the next couple of weeks, so it’s even busier times ahead.

Feel free to leave your comments, reviews and enquiries on my blog posts and products, or indeed, join me online for live chat.  Your interaction and feedback is much appreciated and will help to keep my website fresh and alive.





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