Big surge on paper straws and wooden cutlery in Scarborough

Its reported that outlets serving drinks will be getting rid of plastic lids and ditching the use of plastic straws.

This includes major companies such as McDonald’s, apparently reports reveal this mega-chain have begun removing all plastic from there stores across Britain

You can now find local stores stocking paper straws and it is exciting to see that finally, the world is waking up to the use of plastic. If you need paper straws you can get some from Scoops weigh2save on St Nicholas Street, Scoop and Save in the Scarborough Market Hall or at To Be Announced…Cards and party shop down in the Scarborough market vaults.

After experiencing our regular Fish Pan visit on a Sunday afternoon we were thrilled to be offered wooden forks instead of the awful blue plastic ones.

If you have paper straws or wooden cutlery for sale in your stores please tell us in the comments below…

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