Believe In Yourself – You can do it

Today I had a few memorable photos crop up in my newsfeed. These pictures were of some of my earliest designs.  The caption said something like “ look what I made today, all that I need now is a little shop!”


This picture of a pink and blue beaded jewellery set is from over 6 years ago.  Around this time I was making lots of things for family and at the request of friends and acquaintances.

Somewhere in the back of my creative mind, was always the thought that I would love to design costume jewellery to sell to the public.

I was lucky enough to have great support from my family, and in a position to retire early from my main employment.  On top of that I received a nice little redundancy package which helped me on my way to becoming self employed.

Having self belief is very important in life, whatever your situation. If you want to succeed in anything, then never give up. Keep on trying and don’t be afraid to change things if the original plan doesn’t work.  Change doesn’t mean that you have failed, but that maybe you have just taken the wrong route for a while.

If you do struggle with lack of confidence and self belief, try out something every day that scares you a little bit, or help someone else who needs a bit of guidance or support.

I am an eternal optimist, and feel lucky to have a positive attitude towards life. Hopefully, this influences the people around me a little bit, and helps them to see that where there’s a will there’s a way.

Life is too short, that’s my motto. Enjoy it while you can.


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