Bead Making – Working with Wood

Hello. It’s been a while since my last blog post. Oh yes I feel guilty (just a little bit), although I have been busy relaxing and enjoying myself recently. 

The month of June has flown by so quickly. Now this may be partly due to the fact that I have had my 2 week annual holiday. I then also had an extra few days off for a pre-arranged trip which happened to fall directly after my hols! After all that I also had an impromptu visit from my sister which meant acting like a tourist in my home town for a few days too.

A busy month indeed, and now we are hurtling towards the busiest time of year for me at The Jewellery Vault with lots of holiday visitors popping by to treat themselves to some lovely handmade jewellery, or to buy gifts to take home with them.

Returning from my holiday is always a time when fresh ideas are bursting into my head and this year was no exception.

Wooden beads have always been a favourite of mine and getting my hands on some small pieces of coloured wood meant that I could have a go at making some square wooden beads for myself.

They were very fiddly to make as I chose a tiny size, and took a lot of sawing, drilling, sanding and polishing, but with the help of my lovely husband and his well equipped workshop, I managed to make enough for a matching necklace, earrings and add the rest into a bracelet.

Well worth the effort I think.

I have learned a new skill as I can now use a pillar drill!

So will I be making some more? Yes I think so, but probably in a larger size though I do have some more of the beautiful colourful layered wood left over.

I love making things from scratch, and get such a sense of achievement when finally completing the finished article.

So what shall I get up to next.  Hmmmmm…. watch this space..


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