Back To Uniform – Made By Mags

Over 5 years ago I set up The Jewellery Vault and until now, I hadn’t considered using my clothing to advertise my business.

For almost 30 years I worked in an environment where I had to wear a uniform to work every day.  When I finally left that job, one of the things that I really enjoyed was being able to wear what I wanted to.

How I detested that uniform, couldn’t wait to dispose of it and I swore that I wouldn’t wear anything resembling a uniform ever again.

Well here I am creating myself T shirts with my shop name on them!!!

Does this constitute a uniform I wonder?  Well we will see how we go with it.

At the moment we are still in practise mode, but I quite like the design, so a big thank you to my neighbouring shopkeeper Terry who designs and prints T shirts.

Yes, having a new neighbour in the trade has spurred me on to consider wearing a kind of uniform once more.  At least it will be in the colours and design of my choosing this time.

So it is a new look for the spring for me, I’ll post more pictures as we develop the look.

Thank you Terry at the Original Oak Clothing Co. in Scarborough Market Vaults for printing my prototype T Shirt. I love it ?

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  1. Dear Mags,
    Do you make handbags?

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