April Birthstone – Diamonds @ The Jewellery Vault!

A new month is fast approaching and spring is definitely in the air. April brings green shoots, daffodils, blossoms and longer days. It also gives us another birthstone in the form of a precious diamond ? 

As you can appreciate, diamonds do not have a place in the costume jewellery world, and although we all love the thought of these gorgeous precious stones, not many of us can afford to adorn ourselves in the sparkling beauties.

So yes, we have to settle for the glass crystal or glittery diamanté look.

I must say that I like an occasional diamond design, but am not the biggest fan, indeed preferring the more colourful precious stones such as emeralds, sapphires or rubies.

Diamonds are said to be the symbol of eternal love, hence they are often used in engagement rings. They are thought to bring better relationship balance to those who wear them giving clarity, abundance and inner strength.

Very good reasons indeed to wear diamonds if you have the good fortune to be rich enough!

Well I will try to concentrate on creating a few new designs for April with diamonds in mind (sparkly crystals of course).

If you can afford the real thing, lucky you. For all of you April birthday ladies, I hope you receive a pretty imitation at least. Wear your sparkles with pride, real thing or not, we all love a bit of glitz and glam.

Diamonds are a girls best friend after all…?

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