Amethyst – February Birthstone – Handmade Costume Jewellery

Amethyst. What does this word mean to you? I know that it is purple in colour (my favourite) ? I also know that it is the February birthstone.

As we are fast approaching February, then it seems appropriate to find a little bit out about this beautiful stone.

Well the first thing that jumped out at me during my research was that it can help to cure a hangover!!  How wonderful is that…

Peace, stability and tranquility are the major qualities associated with the Amethyst.

It also enhances intuition and calms the mind, and is a strong, powerful stone which has cleansing and healing powers.

Fabulous qualities to have around in addition to having the power to inspire and increase spirituality.

Amazing stuff for those who believe in the healing qualities of gemstones. Even if you don’t, then just appreciate the look of this fabulous gemstone.

I personally love this stone purely because it is purple, my favourite colour. So, as it is February, I have an excuse to create a few new designs using this pretty stone.

Look out all of you February birthday girls.  We have some new Amethyst birthstone  jewellery coming your way….?


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