A snowy scene – Window Display – The Jewellery Vault – Scarborough Market Vaults

A busy morning at The Jewellery Vault on this cold and damp November day. 

My Christmas preparations are now in full swing and today it has been on with the snowy window shelf display.

One of the great great things about having a shop here in the Scarborough Market Vaults, is that our outside areas are still inside!

This means more warmth and dryness for displaying outside on window shelves etc…

A fabulous thing especially in the Winter as the wet and cold weather doesn’t affect our displays.

So, today it has been the turn of my snowy scene window to get its Christmas display refresh. Snowflakes, lights and sparkly, shimmery things are now adorning my front window area.

Snow indoors gives a lovely festive feel to things don’t you think? Not so chilly and messy as the real thing, but just as effective for that white and wintery look.

Very pretty ☃❄️

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  1. what a beautiful photo… well-done mags in your preparations for Christmas…

    • Thank you a Peter. I am really pleased with how things are taking shape in the preparation for Christmas. Still a bit to do, but getting there ?

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