2018 Sir Isaac Newton 50p to become rarer than the Kew Gardens

The 2018 Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin.
In a “I struck this coin” presentation pack.

So whats the story behind this coin.

The Sir Isaac Newton 2017 50p was minted with only 1.8 million which is lower than the 2.1 million issued with the Jemima Puddleduck 50p.

The Royal Mint decided to do a 2018 Sir Isaac Newton coin which was only available on the Royal Mint Tour during January and February 2018. Their will be no further releases of this coin for 2018.

This coin will never be released into circulation and will never be sold by the Royal Mint.

Estimated mintage figure’s between approximately 20,000.  This popular iconic design will not enter circulation. As a result mintage figures will be lower than the Kew Gardens

Which means this coin will be much rarer than the Kew Gardens 50p, and had a very low mintage of 250,000.

The coin itself is a 2018 50p which celebrates the work of Sir Isaac Newton. A 2017 version of the coin was released but the 2018 version is exclusive to The Royal Mint Experience and is not being released into general circulation.

Luke Hearn, from the website Change Checker which helps people identify and swap coins, said the popularity of the coin is well known.

“We are certainly aware of people making long journeys, some from many hours away, to visit The Royal Mint Experience to strike a 2018 Sir Isaac Newton 50p coin. It has become very well known in collecting circles and we’ve seen a number of these coins selling for many times the face value,” he said.

Mr Hearn added: “The reason for the interest is the expected low mintage figure due to the fact the coin is only being struck at The Royal Mint Experience for a relatively short period of time. We’ve heard that people will be able to strike this coin until the end of February but this would need to be confirmed by The Mint.

“It’s also been confirmed that this coin will never be released into circulation (unlike the 2017 Newton 50p), so you will have to make the journey to strike one or pay well above the face value to get one for your collection.

“It is certainly unusual for The Royal Mint Experience to do this. Up until this year you could strike a 12-sided £1 coin, and we believe the 2018 Newton 50p could potentially be very rare. There is a direct correlation between the scarcity of a coin and the value that they sell for.”

Scarborough Collectables now have two packs available for £120 each.

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