15 Interesting Facts about the Scarborough Market Hall and Vaults History

The Scarborough market hall and vaults, as it stands today, has some very interesting historical facts; including the fact that the market were almost burnt down. The traders of Scarborough markets stand proud and  since the refurbishment of the market hall things have certainly changed.

How the markets all started

  1. Scarborough Market Hall opened on Monday 8th August 1853 by the Mayor of Scarborough of that time, John Heap.
  2. Built during 1852 and 1853 by a private company called "The Scarborough Public Market Hall Company". Originally based on St Nicholas St and St Thomas St.
  3. The market hall site was chosen by an architect John Irvin.
  4. The market hall was considered to be the centre of Scarborough's town. Then the town Centre.
  5. Many properties were demolished including four public houses. The Elephant and Castle, The Stag and Hounds, The Wheat Sheaf and The White Bear.
  6. Rows of cottages and the shambles were also demolished. Orignially on the Market Side Entrance side of the markets.
  7. The markets were made with Whitby Stone.
  8. The Market Hall cost £16,000, including £9,000 for the land.
  9. Inside the inside wals of the hall were 36 shops for permanent traders.
  10. In the centre were rows of stall pointing east to west.
  11. The basement area, now known as the "Market Vaults". was used for storage, a retail fish market and a bonded warehouse.
  12. It was aid to be the largest single spanned roof in Scarborough.
  13. The market hall was said to have been made from non inflammatory materials.
  14. It was almost destroyed by a fire on Thursday 22nd January 1925.
  15. December 1955 the market hall company sold all assets to the scarborough corporation. For £26,000 & £10,000 for slaughter houseson Wrea Lane built 1853/54

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  1. Just picked up an old wooden Fyffes Bananaa box with 10 shilling deposit and marked up as William Machin & Co Ltd Scarborough. Can’t find any history on the company . Is it anything you know about and would they have been in this market going back in history?

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